Experts in Medical Video: Streaming, Recording, Collaboration & Connectivity


TIMS 2000 SP & TDRS for speech pathology:

    • The number 1 system for the recording, reviewing, editing, & archiving of modified barium swallow studies to PACS/VNA.
    • High resolution video, synched audio, & 30 fps
    • Small file size on PACS
    • Eliminate HIPAA risk of removable media
    • Needed with every fluoroscopy system – new & old!
    • Enhanced workflow to improve fluoro room efficiency

TIMS Consultant for real-time medical video collaboration:

    • Transmit ANY live medical modality video over networks
    • Real-time, multi-person collaboration on any surgery or diagnostic imaging procedure
    • LAN, VPN, Internet, Mobile
    • SSL encrypted, audio conferencing, chat
    • Zero-footprint, HTML5 thin clients
    • Interactive graphic telestration
    • Intra-operative viewing & consulting
    • Recording, edit & extract teaching videos

TIMS 500 & TIMS 2000 for endoscopy PACS connectivity:

    • Record any endoscopy study & send to PACS/VNA
    • Image & motion video capture
    • High resolution video at 30 fps
    • Small file size on PACS
    • Eliminate HIPAA risk of removable media
    • Enhanced workflow to improve endoscopy suite efficiency

TIMS 500 & TIMS 2000 for PACS connectivity from any medical imaging modality:

    • Convert to DICOM any medical imaging modality
    • Send to PACS at small file size
    • Works with any PACS or VNA
    • Image & motion video capture
    • Enhanced workflow to improve imaging suite efficiency