Cardinal Construction

10 East Worcester Street

Worcester, MA 10604

10 East Worcester Street

Worcester, MA 10604


Project Page Paragraph:
General statement: “Cardinal has worked on many projects of various sizes, complexities, and markets. Our Projects Page offers an inside look at the work we provide for clients as well as the size and scope of some of our past experience. Our ability to deliver projects in an efficient, effective manner serves as a testament of our commitment to our clients and their needs.”
Separate statement for each industry of projects
- Corporate → “We incorporate the values and culture of your company to create spaces that are made to bolster the ability of your company to reach their goals.”
- Education → “Cardinal has collaborated on a multitude of educational projects including secondary and higher education renovation, remodeling, and/or construction.”
“As educational spaces are meant to host collaboration and inspiration, we build spaces conducive to the goals of a learning environment.”
- Healthcare → “Projects have included renovations and remodeling meant to aid those in the healthcare industry with the means necessary to provide improved patient care and outcomes.”
- Police Station and Fire Department → “When working on construction and renovations of the facilities of first responders, Cardinal brings strong attentiveness that is required in the everyday lives of these employees.”
- Residential → “Working on any residential project for us means exceeded any set expectations to provide quality living areas.”

- Recreation → “Our goal when working on a recreation project is to design and construct a facility that will help to improve and or promote healthy, active lifestyles for the community.”
- Performance and Arts → “We understand the importance of developing cultural destination points, and attempt to encapsulate creativity and expression within the walls of all performance and arts construction projects.”
- Other → “With many years of experience, we also have work that does not fall under the aforementioned categories.”


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WPI Recreation Center

2 Gateway Park –
Life Sciences Building

3 WPI East Residence Hall

4 Hanscom Air Force Base

5 Hanover Theatre

6 Merrimack County House of Correction

7 332 Main Street Apartments

8 The Loomis Communities

9 Goddard Hall

10 Burlington Fire Department

11 Foster Corporation Warehouse

12 Putnam Plastics Warehouse

13 WPI Parking Garage

14 West Boylston Police Department

15 10-12 E. Worcester St. Renovations

16 WPI Gordon Library

17 85 Prescott Street

18 Lutheran Healthcare Center

19 Perrault Hall

20 Medical Office Building – Sutton

21 WOOteria Pop-Up Art Gallery

22 Strawberries Early Learning Center

23 WPI IMGD Labs

24 Salisbury Fourth Floor

25 WBDC 89 Shrewsbury Street

26 Bollus Lynch Offices

27 Hanover Insurance – Wellness Clinic

28 WPI Fuller Labs

29 Salisbury First Floor Computer Lab