Cardinal Construction

10 East Worcester Street

Worcester, MA 10604

10 East Worcester Street

Worcester, MA 10604

Why Cardinal?

Cardinal has completed many projects for repeat customers. From clients in the education industry to those in corporate, we are a trusted business amongst our clients due to our abilities to maintain professional, longstanding relationships. Our ability to deliver projects of all kinds on time and within budget while completing them with the utmost quality holds as a strong value that clients seek when searching for construction and project management services.”  

“At Cardinal, we believe in putting the client first, and helping them exceed their expectations and goals. As career-long construction management professionals, this is what we love to do, and we are passionate about helping our clients succeed. Our experience, dedication and passion have made us one of the most reputable Construction Management firms in Massachusetts. Our extensive background provides us with the necessary tools to deliver projects of high quality in a timely manner while overcoming any unforeseen bumps in the road.”

Cardinal Provides Value Engineering 

Cardinal Saves Client Over $1,000,000 

Cardinal Displays Strong Attention to Detail

Cardinal Implements Green” Building Design 

Cardinal Saves Client Over $40,000

Their (Cardinal’s) work has been professional, thorough, timely and has saved us more than the cost of their services by ensuring best pricing, aggressive negotiations, and avoidance of problems and delays.” 

“I do not hesitate in recommending Cardinal and am confident you will be equally pleased and value their services.” 

Alfredo D.

Assoc. AIA Assistant Vice President of Facilities Worcester Polytechnic 

“We were kept constantly informed of progress and given the opportunity to contribute to all decisions. It was a pleasure working with them, and I look forward to collaborating on future projects. They have my most enthusiastic recommendation.”  

“In addition, work sequencing was complicated, as new offices had to be completed and occupied before existing offices could be renovated. Nonetheless, the work was completed on time and with excellent quality.”  

Michael G.

Computer Science Department Head, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

“I found them to be knowledgeable, professional, and helpful at all times, and I can say with certainty that we would have had a very difficult time finishing this project were it not for the enormous effort by (Cardinal).”

Dan S. M.

AIA MorrisSwitzer Environments for Health, Inc. 

“I would characterize Cardinal’s style as professional and meticulous, tough without being abrasive, and most of all, classy.”  

“The Cardinal team members are exceptional stewards of project budgets, treating client resources (money) as if their own.” 

“Like WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) and WCPA (Worcester Center for Performing Arts), we were so pleased that we will hire Cardinal again. In fact, I cannot imagine doing a project without them.”

David F.

President, Worcester Business Development Corporation

“Mr. Arthaud and his staff at Cardinal were able to hurdle the many obstacles that were presented to them on this project in a professional and expedient manner, all the while keeping me informed and looking out on my behalf of any cost impact to the budget and going to great lengths to minimize cost.” 

James F.

President, Nu-England Services Co., Inc.

“Given the size and complexity of the project, … it was obvious to me that the Bank would have been at a severe disadvantage had we not partnered with Brent and Cardinal Construction. In summary, I would strongly recommend Mr. Arthaud and Cardinal Construction for additional project management assignments.”  

“All parties involved in the process, including the developer and his site contractor, have acknowledged (Cardinal’s) construction and site development expertise and that he has dealt fairly with them, but also effectively, in his role representing the Bank.” 

Robert J. P.

Vice President, Clinton Savings Bank

“Brent was integral in resolving these issues quickly and fairly, and in a manner that was respectful to all parties. At no point did I view Brent’s participation in the process as having anything other than a positive effect.” 

Mark S.

Architectural Resources Cambridge, Inc.

“Your assistance and insight in the initial conceptions and designs, budgeting process, bidding process and overall project management were instrumental to the success of the project.” 

Michael J. B.

Partner, Bollus Lynch, LLP

“After having the previous construction organization quit abruptly, Cardinal stepped in on a moment’s notice and took control of the project.” 

Dan M.

AIA, Principal, MorrisSwitzer Environments for Health